No Warning Farm


cropped-cropped-skokomish-farms-e1398010157438.jpgNo Warning Farm is not the real name of this place. That would be Skokomish Valley Farms, on the eastern edge of Washington State's Olympic National Forest.  The community effort was formed by 18 owners, some of whom either live on site or at least have an active role in turning this former hay farm into a multi-crop, multi-livestock organic operation. But I wanted to write in my own voice about my experiences here and so I named this site after the signs leading to the property: "PRIMITIVE ROAD NO WARNING SIGNS" (countyspeak for " we don't take much care of this thing, drive at your own risk.") The SVF website is the place for current information, including where to find our produce, poultry and eggs and to stay informed about events and happenings at the farm. (Skokomish Valley Farms is also on Facebook, if you're that way inclined.) This site is where you'll find food-centric stories, my own satiric take on collaborative farm life--the Agrihood--and my recipes, some derived from years of cooking professionally, You'll find a little more information about the "cast" of this blog on the Our Story page of the Skokomish Valley Farms website.