No Warning Farm


I stopped by the fields yesterday, not expecting to find Paul and our three employees actually harvesting already. In March. I threw on some gloves to pitch in and was amused to hear these twenty-something farm workers deep in conversation about soil science and the gut microbiome of cattle. Hard to imagine that we will be able to retain this trio for too many years, but for now they seem happy to devote themselves to this physical labor. Paul asked me how it is in Seattle these days and it was as if he was asking about life in outer space; with the constant depressing news about coronavirus and the palpable sense of fear and social isolation in the city, there has never been a bigger gulf between that life and this one; here, where the elk roam and the woodpeckers peck and the eagles soar and the spring greens grow, you can forget for a few hours that the world is falling apart.

3 thoughts on “Respite

  1. sillygirl

    Keep reporting on life out there – we need the respite from this dark cloud hanging around populated areas.

  2. Darlene Barnes Post author

    Even in the city, helps to get out. While running in our neighborhood yesterday, I stopped to take in a fruit tree in glorious full bloom and I made a mental note: “do not miss these spring and summer moments.” Also, as I beg my mom, STOP WATCHING TV NEWS!

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