No Warning Farm


The same day that we cleared the fields of storm-damaged infrastructure, we worked on building a fence around what will be our new orchard, where we intend to plant less obvious fruit; no honeycrisp apples or ranier cherries, but plums and berries that can't be found at every farm. Putting up fence is not a complicated task, but it is one made far easier with many hands. That night, we gathered for a community dinner and bonfire, lighting up a dead Christmas tree and introducing one of our youngest members to his first S'more. Phil and I had made plans to have Sunday lunch at Hama Hama Oyster Saloon 30 minutes from the farm the next day, but before that, we helped David and LB plant the first orchard trees. It's a project they're heading up and I don't think they expected the help, but there we were. David, a physician, told us that the first patient who had died from Coranavirus in this state was at the same hospital he works at. And then a few days later we learned that an employee at Microsoft where Phil works tested positive. We are all in this together. 

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