No Warning Farm


On the plans, this area upstairs overlooking the west side of the farm is labled Rec. Space. But that doesn't exactly describe it's purpose. Our intent is to have three main zones, one surrounding a wood stove, one adaptable to overnight guests, and one for gatherings. The gatherings I have in mind are large dinners when the weather won't allow a feast in the field, meetings with our farm co-owners, wreath-making and flower arranging workshops, seminars on farm-related topics...really anything we can think of to support our website tagline: Growing Good Food. Sustaining the Land. Building Community. It's that latter one I was thinking of this morning when Phil called from the farm to say he was stuck in our Airstream and needed Paul's number so he could get some help. Paul is our farm manager and friend and responded immediately. He's building his family's house by himself, so I brought him donuts the same day I brought them to our crew and now I'm especially glad for making the gesture. We have hundreds of neighbors in our Seattle condo and we really don't know any of them. For us, the farm was never about selling products to strangers; it was always about belonging.

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