No Warning Farm

Accentuate the Positive

On the positive, interior framing got going today, so I could physically walk through the structure and see rooms and hallways and nooks and they even asked me if I wanted to change the location of the door on my pantry, because now's your chance. Also on the positive side, the really incredibly competent (and extremely busy) contractor who had done the original excavation on the site sent out one of his guys early this morning to clear the mounds of dirt that were impeding the framers. He had come out yesterday on short (immediate) notice to look at what I needed and gave me a great smile as he said "we'll take care of you." He is truly a nice guy, but we also paid our initial excavation bill to him immediately on receipt, a fact we joked about. "Yeah, there are some customers you wonder if you should take that call." On the negative, we still don't have power hooked up, despite passing inspection. I won't go into the weeds on explaining all that, but I sent my husband an email about it. He'll be waking up soon in Israel, on Valentine's Day no less, to an email that begins, "I don't know what in the holy hell is going on with PUD."

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