No Warning Farm


There are eight or nine on the work crew and I'm sure they think one of two things as I've been staring at their work for hours the last two days: either that I fancy myself a building nanny, making sure they get it right (how would I know?) or that I am insane. What they can't know is that for years, I've had this farm building in my head; I've thrown wide the barn doors into my commercial kitchen, processed thousands of tomatoes with Andrea and LB or taught classes to our CSA customers, sat in the workshop sunroom having coffee, walked upstairs into the meeting space where we've held holiday wreath workshops, and into the apartment where Phil and I have had cocktails on the deck. So for me to see it all walk  out of my brain and off the pages of plans into the physical world is just surreal. And there's the fact, too, that on more than one occasion, I despaired of ever reaching this point. One day last week from his business trip abroad, Phil said to me, "I think we're going to get it done," and he sounded stunned and almost childlike in his sense of wonder.

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