No Warning Farm


This was my mood at the end of day 1 of farmhouse construction. I had planned champagne and a night at a local resort, but instead took the ferry back to Seattle and made myself a navy strength martini.  Phil is overseas on business, so this first day was on me and my intention to be positive was severely challenged by the reality of building in a remote location. I knew that while this was a monumentally exciting day, one we'd been working towards for 3 years, it was bound to be filled with problems that I swore I was going to meet with a positive, can-do attitude. Right away, there were issues...electricity isn't live yet, but we have a generator and we bought $2,000 worth of additional equipment to compensate, nevertheless having to hear an earful of doubting comments. We're not done with plumbing and electrical, so there's a ditch on one side of the construction site, making access challenging, something made extremely clear to me about 10 times today. As I was driving to the ferry, I had a call from one of the contractors telling me the electrical inspector was there and wanted to know if this was tribal land or private land and it was just kind of too much for me, the inspector not knowing. Everyone on this project, everyone, is trying to do their best, I have no doubt of that and no complaints about the team. And I understand that even the inspector goes to work wanting to pass everyone and not intending to be someone who drives a woman to drink. It just felt today like a tsunami of negative energy. Back tomorrow. With donuts, which will hopefully put everyone else in the same can-do frame of mind I'm faking.

2 thoughts on “Liftoff

  1. sillygirl

    Hang in there. So glad you are again writing about your progress. It will progress. You will endure. You will lick your wounds every night and start again the next day. We are here listening to you – keep writing – it lightens your load.

  2. Darlene Barnes Post author

    Thanks for reading. I actually just write as a way to work through things and to document, but it’s nice if it resonates.

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