No Warning Farm


Solar power runs the farm. The south field, where we raise chickens and grow most of our produce, is not connected to county electricity and so by necessity we had to rely on nature to feed the generator that operates our irrigation. A necessity, but also a point of pride. To obtain the permit for our farm house, we had to include energy efficient features in our design, but even without that requirement, I had wanted to make our home as green as possible. I had in mind eliminating harmful chemicals and plastic, but it only recently occurred to me how far I could take this when I received some fabric samples that I'm considering for curtains and cushions and only two of them were natural fibers; that light brown swatch with the subtle wood grain-looking pattern...polyester, ironically. As with food, when you start looking at labels, you experience a paradigm shift that calls your past choices into question, be it hamburger meat or home decor.

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