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After several years of viewing floorplans and working unsuccessfully with two architects, we found a company to build our farm home in the summer of 2017.  And then spent more than another year working on the design to comply with building codes, submitting our application to the county on October 31, 2018.  Halloween.  They had told us to expect a 4 to 6 week process, and as we waited, it was easy to remember how long it had been.  Then the holidays hit, and then we went to Israel for two weeks in January, delaying our responses to questions from the inspector.  But then, finally, on Valentine's Day this year, Phil received the voicemail that we had the go-ahead.  Andrea had once quipped that "everything is ten thousand dollars," meaning that you could expect the quotes for well, septic, road, and all the other other ancillary requirements to come in at around that number.  And I would add that "everything takes at least double the time you expect."  So while I would like to plan a Barn Home Warming Party menu of late summer vegetables, I will write a second one with asparagus and peas and garlic scapes from the 2020 spring harvest.

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