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Plan B

We bought an Airstream trailer today. It wasn't exactly the plan when we woke up this morning, but after spending four years trying to get a home built on the Farm, we were ready for a temporary solution. With my labor needed this summer, I had planned to pitch a tent and rough it. I was making preparations and spending time in the camping gear section of REI. I searched "composting toilets" online and then spent the next month seeing nothing but toilet ads every time I logged in. I had planned to join the gym in Union primarily for the hot shower. But it wasn't just the lack of home comforts that made me uneasy. "Lot 19 is FAR," Andrea had said to me, referring to our homesite. She was seriously concerned, emphasizing her point by adding, "it's a MILE from our cabin." She paused and then turned to LB for reinforcement, "Can you sleep outside alone?" and LB recounted the time she was locked out of their dwelling and was so unnerved by the experience that she made David drive all the way from Seattle at midnight with the keys. Most people who've built homes are on the East side and all of the current farming operation is there. But our homesite is over a bridge and down a long, unlit road and at night it is absolutely still, except for the elk and the howling wolves. I'm sure it would all have made for some interesting writing, but honestly, to hell with that.

3 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Alex Newman

    airstreams are great. amye and i spent a few nights in one as an airbnb rental in boise. loved it!

    which is a bonus – once you have your home built and move in you can park the airstream elsewhere on the property and rent it on airbnb for a weekend gettaway on the farm. sounds wonderful to me.

    1. Darlene Barnes Post author

      We can add that to our 3 other rationalizations for this purchase:
      1. It will allow us to do a lot of the work on the Barn Home ourselves, saving us tons of$$$
      2. It’s nice enough to allow us to forgo building a guest house.
      3. My mom, who was not really jazzed about the pee in the woods idea on her visits, can consider this as a senior living option.

  2. Andrea Miller

    Aggggghhh! I hope you love it! Especially since I’m named as one of the culprits for persuading you! But, you really can’t go wrong with an Airstream. 😊

    Looking forward to having you on the farm this summer!

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